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Our Spiritual Leader

Patricia Lewis

Teacher/ Director


Our Spiritual Leaders are dedicated to living and teaching the abundant living message as taught by our way shower Jesus the Christ

Patricia has spent many years searching for answers to what life is all about, who is God? Who are we? And what is the relationship of all these concepts. She started out a Catholic, she tried Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheranism and Buddhism. Then she spent a lot of time in self-study. In her continuous seeking of a deeper understanding Patricia was introduced to New Thought. It was not long before she realized that there was somethings in New Thought that resonated with her soul. She diligently applied herself to not only learning, but sharing what was becoming so clear to her. She always says "People need to know this stuff". She is so happy and honored to share with everyone the truth that she is time and time again demonstrating in her life.

She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education & Sociology, a Master's in Education and a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership. Patricia has determined that her studying with Universal Foudation for Better Living (UFBL) for about a decade has been the most profound. She has proudly earned a licence to teach Better Living Classes with UFBL . And she advocates that of all she has accomplished thus far, the privilege to continue to learn and teach in a New Thought environment is most precious to her.


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