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We invite you to experience a higher level of prosperity by making a regular contribution to our wonderful Spiritual Center

Right here, Right now

We honor the sacredness of all life, all religions, cultures and beliefs. We honor each individual as a unique creative expression of the Divine and welcome each one as a significant member of our community.

Universal Circle of Light is an all-inclusive, Metaphysical, Spiritual community dedicated to inspiring and encouraging Spiritual awakening to our Spiritual Magnificence.


Our goal, as a study center for better living is to be a vehicle for disseminating timeless universal truths to all who are seeking a spiritually empowered life.

Within each of us is a seed of prosperity, a seed of goodness, and a seed of sharing. Together we create a loving community.

Your contribution helps us to share our teaching with others.

This center is dedicated to personal and global transformation. We practice healing through affirmative prayer, meditation and Spiritual education. We use Universal Principles to reveal lives of joy, peace, wisdom, love, unity, health and prosperity.
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