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  Education is a Spiritual practice and an important part of transforming our lives. Our classes offer the opportunity to be in community with others and to learn the spiritual truth and tools that help us change our lives.

Working With the Law






Current Class

"Working With the Law".



Every Saturday



Required text:

"Working With the Law " by Raymond Holliwell

"The Bible"

In this class, students gain a better understanding of God, while bringing God closer in everyday life. We will learn how God working in our lives is the Law, and this Law is explained clearly and definitely. To work with the Law is to live closer to God, for such living brings a better understanding of our seeming problems and shows how to master our circumstances. In this class we will explore this essential writing of Mr. Holliwell.

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To inform us of your interest in this class please call:

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Schedule Of Classes:

Chapter 1. Working The Law

Chapter 2. Law of Thinking

Chapter 3. Law of Supply

Chapter 4. Law of Attrction

Chapter 5. Law of Receiving

Chapter 6. Law of Increase

Chapter7. Law of Compensation

Chapter8. Law of Non-Resistance

Chapter 9. Law of Forgiveness

Chapter 10, Law of Sacrifice

Chapter 11, Law of Obedience

Chapter 12, Law of Success


A Spiritual Weight Lose Class


"A Spiritual Course in Weight Lose"

21 Lessons of a deep sacred Spiritual journey to help you surrender your weight and make it last.

This is not just about pounds and inches it's about a holistic you which is whole, perfect, complete, healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Let's join together to support and encourage one another as we begin to intergrate our mind, body, and Spirit to become, and demonstrate our natural beauty three dimentionally.

We will do this chapter by chapter, step by step,

Every Tuesday

Required text: "A Course in Weight Lose" by Marianne Williamson

Cost: $21.00 Registration Fee


Due to limited seating Please call to pre-register

(407) 603-6889










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