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  Education is a Spiritual practice and an important part of transforming our lives. Our classes offer the opportunity to be in community with others and to learn the spiritual truth and tools that help us change our lives.

"Infinite Abundance "







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Starting November 14, 2015

"Infinite Abundance "


Every Saturday


Required text:

"Busting Loose From The Money Game " by Robert Scheinfeld


What if everything in your financial world - income, net worth, investments, savings, taxes, expences and so on.. is a part of an amazing, elaborate, gigantic, unique, and complex game. Would you want to know how to play to win?

Because you are an Infinite Being why not use your Dominion to experience abundance in your life, world and affairs.

These weekly classes will help you open a new portal to a new relationship with money and a radically different way of living.

We will meet Every Saturday at 2 PM to discuss the "Infinite Abundance" by Robert Scheinfeld. Our readings and discussions are intended to get you started on your own path to abundance.

You will have an opportunity to have the support of like minded people as you pursue, embrace and live life abundantly.

Books are on sale at the center

To inform us of your interest in this class please call:

(407 )603-6889



"The Power of Belief "



"The Power of Belief "

This is a Spiritual Course in “The Power of Belief”. 

Did you realize that what you are experiencing in this very moment is the culmination of everything you have agreed to believe? 

What beliefs are you using to create your life experiences?

If you want to change your life

--right now--

there's nothing more powerful than changing what you believe.  You are invited to join us as we explore what our current beliefs truly are and how to create beliefs which would allow us to live an extraordinary life.

We will meet every Saturday, at 2:00 PM

  The required text is:

"The Power of Belief”

by Ray Dodd,

which we have in stock.

The place is: 688 W. Montrose Street Clermont, FL

Call for more information or to reserve your seat (407) 603-6889.  We will do this chapter by chapter, step by step.

Every Saturday


















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