What We Believe
We Believe
What We Believe
We Believe that it is God's will that every individual on
the face of this earth should live a healthy, happy and
prosperous life.

We Believe that a healthy, happy, and prosperous life is
within the reach of each of us and the way to its
attainment begins with the realization that the Kingdom of God is within us, waiting for us to bring it into expression.

We Believe that we can bring the kingdom forth by practicing the universal spiritual principles handed down through the ages and taught by our way-shower, Jesus the Christ.

We Believe with Jesus, that our experiences are the reflections of our beliefs, and therefore, the key to happy and successful living is right thinking followed by right action.

We Believe with Jesus, that the basis for right thinking is Love-Love of God and all that is good in our fellowmen and ourselves.

We Believe that learning to listen to the whispering of the "still small voice" within us will ensure that we are guided into right action.

We Believe that rather than devoting our primary efforts to providing for the needy of the world, the time has come to make available to all men everywhere a teaching that will enable them to provide for themselves by learning to release the divine potential within them.

We Believe that the Universal Foundation for Better Living is a vehicle for the spreading of such a teaching.

We Believe that a mighty new wind is blowing.  People everywhere are hungry for practical techniques that will show them how to fulfill the good desires of their hearts.  We in the Universal Foundation for Better Living believe that we have these techniques
and we offer them to everyone without distinction, confident that with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can teach all who are willing to learn how to overcome whatever would keep them from their highest good.

We believe that every individual can access the infinite potentiality of Spirit to transform his or her life.

We teach our children that they are Heirs to God and all the qualities of God reside within them.

We believe that a person can change his or her physical health through the power of the mind.
We believe in creating a world that works for everyone, through the practice of love, compassion, and oneness.
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