What We Teach Our Children

We teach our children that God is Life-the Life within each of them and in all Creation; that all are children of the one God-regardless of race, color or creed- and therefore all are brothers and sisters.

We teach that God can be called Divine Being, Being, Buddha Nature, Divine Presence, Great Spirit, Goddess,  Holy Spirit, Brahma, Higher Power, Love... The name we use for the Higher Power in our lives  is not as important as the belief in an ever present force for good. God is Good-all Good-and we are all created in the image of God-Good.

We teach that God is Love-that we love God because God loves us; we obey God's laws through Love-NOT fear.

We teach that sin is a mistake and when we make mistakes, we are punished by them-not by God.

We teach that God is spirit and present everywhere-that this Spirit is within us and speaks to us through our minds when we are willing to listen.

We teach that there are Spiritual Laws that must be obeyed-just as we obey man-made laws.

We teach that religion is something to be used every day-not just on our chosen day of worship whether it is Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

We teach that a person's spiritual practice can be used at home, at school and at play; that since God is within us, Heaven is also within us; that if we learn to live our lives in harmony with God's Laws, we live in Heaven-NOW.

We teach that God's Love heals our sickness and hurt--if we believe.

We teach that God is Truth and Beauty-Peace and harmony; that as we grow to be more like God, being better reflections of God, our lives will be filled with Health, Happiness and Success.

We teach that
after D. Quigley

We believe that every individual can access the infinite potentiality of Spirit to transform his or her life.
We believe that a person can change his or her physical health through the power of the mind.
We believe in creating a world that works for everyone, through the practice of love, compassion, and oneness.
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